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Eye Care

Understanding of ophthalmic market
through our experience and know-how,
Pervice Korea would grow as a leader
in Eye-Care business by providing
the finest quality products and services


Pervice Korea is an official optic channel of ACUVUE. Pervice Korea exclusively supplies ACUVUE products to over a thousand ophthalmic clinic in the domestic market and optical shop in Jeju Island . In particular, ACUVUE Oasis ® has a next-generation Hydra-Clear ® Plus technology with rich oxygen delivery to the cornea and excellent feelings of wearing despite dry conditions. By containing abundant moisture, ACUVUE Oasis ® can keep eyes moist for a long time and give a comfortable fit with a soft surface. Therefore, ACUVUE Oasis ® is playing a leading role in premium contact lenses markets with vision correction and in ophthalmic surgery market.