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World bio-technology industry is
becoming the core of the world economy.
Therefore, Pervice Korea aims to become
a leader in the bio-technology industry
through constant efforts and research and development.


3E PRP was developed by our own technology and it extracts BUFFY COAT easily and quickly and very safely. It can minimize the contamination and enhance convenience of using. 3E PRP kit is the only All-in-one kit in Korea. Our company is the first to obtain a Class III in the field.  We are supplying 3E PRP to Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic, Rehabilitation medicine Ophthalmology, Lipsotrichia clinic and Dentistry etc. After launching in 2014, we are exporting 10 countries including Asia, Middle East, Europe.

Stem Cell

Large amounts of adult stem cells in the adipose tissue can perform various cosmetic recoveries required in the PS as well as it can treat injuries, ischaemic heart diseases, stroke sequelae, varicose vein and chronic renal insufficiency in the field of other NS, GS or INTERNAL MEDICINE. Adult stem cells will be a decisive role in the successful treatment of serious diseases with modern medicine did not solve. Pervice Korea is constantly conducting a research and development in the field of adipocyte stem cells and we are at the forefront of making a more prosperous and healthy society.