• 3E PRP


Innovative kit, 3E PRP of own blood treatment

Easier and faster by 3E PRP KIT!

Effective 3E PRP to extract high concentrated PRP

3E PRP is All-in-one kit. It makes easier and faster to separate Red Blood Cell inside blood after extracting platelet and plasma. There is no side effects or rejection symptom. It doesn’t have concerns about infection, and it is convenient. * 3E means triple E from the first letter of Easy, Effective, and Efficient. * PRP means plasma concentrated growth factors for curing and
   regeneration in our body.
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  • One spin
  • Simple the procedures
  • Own blood treatment using growth factor
  • Pain reduction, reduce the time for wound healing
  • Allow to check distinct Buffy coat layer with the eye
  • High concentrated platelet
  •   The first class Ⅲ medical device acquisition / CE, KFDA Authorization
       (patent number : 2014-0005100 / brand registration : 2014-0009317 / application number : PCT/KR2014/011427)
  •   All in one kit allows no additional syringe in needed for the PRP extraction
  •   As an all in one kit after taking the blood, no need to transfer. It is convenient and minimize risk
       (when you use extracted plasma and buffy coat, it is convenient to extract and treat connecting with syringe by    push-up method)
  •   Allow to concentrate platelet in a short time by reducing unnecessary procedure
       (3E PRP is no need to transfer and centrifuge kit itself and extract)
  •   Most of centrifuges and buckets is designed to be compatible
  •   Significant effect of high concentrated platelet
  •   Pervice Korea is a main provider of ACCUVE contact lense in ophthalmology channel all over the Korea for more    than 10 years of sales capacities, specialized technical sales skills
  •   After launching in 2014, exported to 9 countries such as Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, etc with
       self-developed technology (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Taiwan, Mongolia, Kuwait, Vietnam, France, Indonesia,

Product description and type

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Dermatology Burn, bedsore, chronic ulcer, autologous fat graft
Plastic surgery Skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, wrinkle, acne, fat graft
Orthopedic·Rehab Knee cartilage repair, pain and arthritis, shoulder pain, lateral epicondylitis
Ophthalmology Vision correction(LASIK, LASEK), dry eye syndrome, post-laser side effects, cataract
Dentistry Implant surgery, wisdom tooth extraction, bone graft
Lipsotrichia clinic Hair loss prevention, hair growth stimulation
Gynecology Infertility cure

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