• Lens Solution

Lens Solution

Lens solution that helps you provide comfort for Healthy Lens Wear

Contact Lens Solution that help you provide comfort

for Healthy Lens Wear by significant sterilization

COMPLETE(for soft contact lenses) MUMulti-Purpose Solution thoroughly cleanses lenses of pathogens and particles of dirt, but is easy on the eyes, with very little risk of inflammation , provides comfort for healthy Lens Wear by leaving your eyes with moist. * MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION : With rubbing or rinsing lenses,
  possible to kill microorganisms on the lens surface, proved powerful
  disinfection by FDA/ISO in US


  •   Powerful antibacterial effect(remove pathogens, bacteria, fungi)
  •   Powerful disinfecting by using surfactant 237 and an antidote of metal poisoning, the phosphate ion
  •   Eye care professionals recommend safety, significant disinfection
  •   Tear Firm persistency, comfort for lens wearer
  •   Selection for Silicone hydrogel lenses wearer

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TOTAL CARE(solution for hard Lenses) TOTAL CARE is multi-purpose solution for hard contact lenses. Disinfecting, storing and remove protein, wetting solution is available. Strengthen moisture by containing HPMC, persistently supply moisture by firming water cushion between lenses and eyes, protect tired eyes * HPMC : it is an ingredient and used for dry eyes and to improve
  feeling of wearing, and verified its safety, effect.